With the help of our printing line, we offer you exceptional solutions to enhance the visual appeal of our tubes.

In printing process, we focus on accuracy and detail, reflected in the final appearance of your custom tubes!

  • Dry offset printing

    The main quality trait of our dry offset printing machine is ensuring precise color transfer onto the products. This technique offers excellent print quality and sharp details.

  • Printing up to 2 colors per piece

    Our machine allows printing up to 2 colors per individual product. This gives you the opportunity to express your brand or message in selected colors, contributing to product recognition.

  • Varnished surface

    With the application of a layer of varnish, we achieve a glossy surface, giving the products an attractive and professional appearance while providing additional protection.

In addition to our existing product line, we also offer flexibility to meet specific requirements. We have the capacity and expertise to increase production and adapt to larger orders. Contact us today to explore our range of products or discuss your specific packaging needs.


For questions, suggestions or orders, contact us - we will be happy to hear from you!